Corporate Sustainability Strategy and Implementation

Corporate Sustainability Strategy and Implementation

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The concept of Corporate Sustainability integrates a company’s social, environmental and economic performance: the Triple Bottom Line, first coined as such by John Elkington in 1994. Focusing on the Triple Bottom Line allows you to position your organization for lasting success, create enduring value for all stakeholders, and manage your risk at the same time.

At PGS Advisors we enable you to optimize the Triple Bottom Line by helping you incorporate environment and social factors into your business strategy and operations.

Developing and implementing a corporate sustainability strategy will allow your company not only to be in tune with the community you operate in and produce for, but will result in higher brand value and increased competitive advantages.

Our integral approach to develop your corporate sustainability strategy includes:

  1. Profiling
    Develop the environmental and social sustainability scorecard by mapping the company’s practices and critical processes across all factors and identify key stakeholders.
  2. Opportunities Analysis
    Identify critical areas for improvement and conduct impact analysis of changes across factors.
  3. Strategy Development
    Determine optimal long-term sustainability strategy way to leverage opportunities for improvement and draw roadmap for implementation