Corporate Governance Advisory

Corporate Governance Advisory

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Sound corporate governance is an essential component of a successful 21st century corporation. Moving beyond a box-ticking approach of corporate governance compliance and embracing best practices can truly differentiate a company from its competitors in the eyes of all stakeholders. It also improves the operational bottom line by supporting managerial excellence and accountability across all institutional layers.

At PGS Advisors we help you optimize your corporate governance structure using a three-tier approach:

  1. Diagnosis
    Evaluate current state of your corporate governance structures and practices including board structure and composition; board processes; audit setup; shareholder relations; disclosure and communication policies, and executive compensation.
  2. Benchmarking
    Utilize applicable best practice standards -such as the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance, leading national corporate governance codes (such as the UK Combined Code) and PGS’ broad international experience – to benchmark against your current practices and determine corporate governance gaps.
  3. Solutions/Recommendations
    We develop actionable client-tailored recommendations to close corporate governance gaps.